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Greetings. I’m Mariam, but most people call me M. I’d like to personally welcome you to Green Juice A Day. Juicing is one of my favorite hobbies, I love making fresh vegetable juice, green juices, elixirs and whatever wild juice recipes that comes to my mind. I am a wizard at crafting amazing liquid drinks. Did I mention that I eat, sleep and breathe juices? Well I truly do. I wake up every morning excited to make a fresh glass of green juice, I also go to bed saying can’t wait to have my green juice in the morning. Please don’t think I’m obsessive or a juice freak,  I’m about to get to the point. My story and how fresh juices have impacted my life for the better.

My Story

My juicing journey began 5 years ago in February 2007. I had lost the most treasured person in my life, my grandmother. It was a very traumatic experience, to have loved her since the day I was born and to see her body deteriorating from the effects of  type II diabetes was damaging. I spent then next year not really caring about myself, truly living up the college life and consuming horrible  fast foods. I was 25lbs overweight, depressed and suffering from frequent anxiety attacks.  If you’ve suffered or know someone suffering from anxiety attacks, I think you know how scarey it can be. To not have control of your body, shortness of breathe and intense chest pains to the point where I thought I was having a heart attack is completely horrible. I reached my breaking point that fall when my doctor prescribed me animal tranquilizers. I had the prescription filled, but something came over me that night. I decided not to take them and threw them all away. I knew deep inside that there has to be an easier and more natural approach to correcting my anxiety. As a child I’ve always believe that the earth was created with everything we need to sustain life. Mother nature can heal us. I still believe this to this day. I began searching the net and came across raw foods and juicing, I  then jumped on Amazon and order a few books on those subjects. I spent hours reading other peoples blog on how a plant based diet and juicing helped reverse a bunch of ailment they to were suffering. I saw how juicing was able to help tons of people lose weight naturally, 400 lb people where dropping 200-250 lbs of toxic fat. I thought to myself these measly 25 lbs shouldn’t be a problem, because if a 400 lb person can drop more than 50% of their weight, I too could easily get rid of mine. After conducting my research and incorporating raw foods for the first 2 weeks I decided to embark on a 30 day juice fast. Everything that was wrong with me was all corrected after that juice fast. There’s something very special about fresh juices and their affect on the human body. So now, April 2012 I am sitting here, happier, leaner, cleaner, fitter, smarter and  healthier than I’ve EVER been in my life. This is why I wake every morning craving the fresh green juices and this is why I created this blog. I know that just one glass of fresh green juice each day will change you life. The nutrients, minerals, vitamins and life force packed in the glass will do wonders. Your body wants it and needs it. So, I’ve dedicated this blog to sharing, informing and teaching about the amazing benefits of juicing and drinking fresh green juices.


To flood the world with green juice. My mission is to reach as many people possible and turn their lives on to this life bettering (I sure hope bettering is a word in the dictionary) and health bettering blessing. Green juice a day, will keep the doctor away.

Let’s reach millions. I truly thank you for reading my story, visiting my site and hopefully becoming a new friend. I’m here to guide and answer any questions you may have about juicing, green juice and a plant based lifestyle.


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Remember, A Green Juice A Day, Will Keep The Doctor Away.