Dirty Dozen List

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Dirty Dozen List

The Dirty Dozen List

EWG Dirty Dozen List


When selecting produce it is always best to pick organic over conventional. If money is an issue,  EWG (Environmental Working Group) has published the dirty dozen list of produce you must buy organic. These dirty dozen contain high levels of pesticides, review and avoid these conventional produce. This list is updated every year since 1993.

A good rule of thumb I go buy is pay now or pay later!



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  1. Lena Mak says:

    Must read

  2. Kousay says:

    I have both an expensive, top-quality maniscattig juicer and an inexpensive citrus one. I would recommend getting a juicer and that way you can make your own juice, because fresh, raw veggie and fruit juices are, hands-down, THE most potent and healthy detoxifying things you can consume. I wouldn’t want to live without my juicer. The juice from the store is pasteurized and therefore all the enzymes and some of the vitamins will be destroyed, and the live quality of the juice is what makes it so wonderful for juice fasting and detoxing because it gives you energy and good nutrition while you are not eating solid food. I have fasted both using natural, but store-bought juice, and my own fresh juices, and I can tell you from personal experience, that a raw juice fast will make you feel better than you ever thought possible. Nothing can compare to the level of benefit it does to the body.Having said that, I understand that a good juicer is a big investment, and if you are going to be fasting regularly I would save up for one (that’s what I did). For right now though, I would just buy a cheap citrus juicer at the store and fast on fresh orange, grapefuit and lemon juices. Or, you can do a master cleanse lemonade fast. That works wonders too, and I’ve done it with both fresh lemon juice and unprocessed, organic lemon juice from the store. Both are good.If you decide to just used purchased juice, I would only fast 4 or so days, because that kind of juice doesn’t have enough nutrition to sustain the body healthily on a long fast.Or perhaps you have a juice bar nearby and can buy fresh juice for yourself? That is just as good as making your own when you don’t have a juicer.Hope I helped! good luck with your fasting journey! cheers

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