Green Juice Breakfast

| February 24, 2013 | 12 Comments

Green Juice Breakfast

green juice

Sunday breakfast: Green Juice , Coconut Probiotic & Papaya

Here’s what we are having in the green juice house today. Green juice: swiss chard, kale, cilantro, watercress, granny smith apples, celery, ginger & lemon. Along with a fresh glass of coconut (kefir) probiotic drink and papaya.

Share with me below what you are having for breakfast/brunch?

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Mariam Turay Author: Mariam Turay is a passionate natural health advocator & health researcher. An expert in juicing, human nutrition and plant based nutrition, she has helped many lose weight naturally and regained their health. She has a strong passion to help transform the lives and health of her fellow human beings through whole living foods and the healing powers of fresh vegetable and fruit juices. This simple approach has helped her lose excess weight and regain her health and vitality. Google

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  1. Deb Aldous says:

    I have acute gastritis.. Would love any help with what yo add to juices to relieve this/heal and get the greatest nutritional benefit. Thanks in advance

  2. Harris Megan says:

    Creo que se puede usar Espinacas en lugar del 'Kale'. O se podria crecer el Kale en su propio jardin si tiene uno. 🙂

  3. Harris Megan says:

    At this moment, we have a Nutra-Bullet, so I'm attempting to track down 'smoothie' recipes which would keep the pulp. Does anyone have a link to some pulp-inclusive recipes which would be easier to digest? We love apples, carrots and strawberries, but would like to include more veggies without overwhelming our digestive tracks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated- Thanks for the article! Very Helpful!

  4. Gwendolyn says:

    What’s up, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this post.

    It was practical. Keep on posting!

  5. I don't leave home without my juice. Every morning at 5 a.m. I saturate my cells with 70% green fresh organic vegetables and 30% fresh organic fruit. I love my Nutra-Bullet. Its easy and works well.

  6. gracias estoy haciendo los jugos de 30 dias voy en el numero 11, no encuentro la kale , la puedo sustituir por otra verdura , y el bulbo de hinojo lo puedo sustitir por colinabo……..graciasmariam

  7. Kale? Lots and lots of chocolate!

  8. Allyssa Rivera says:

    I'm working on liking kale too…. its not going well. I like it in juic mixed with fruit and stuff because otherwise to bitter for me…

  9. I juiced this morning: Apple, cilantro, spinach, lettuce, beets and carrots for breakfast. Awesome. I use to hate beets and now I love them. Working on liking Kale. Ugh. Any ideas?

  10. Jung Yoon says:

    Can you post the recipe for coconut kefir? I've tried making it with fresh coconut milk but it didn't turn out that great.

  11. Jeremy Blt says:

    Never have coconut(kefir) drink before. I will give it a try with my green juice. THANK YOU Mariam Turay for sharing your recipes.

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