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Last weekend I attended Green Festival Chicago. Green Festival is a yearly festival held in New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco, that promotes environmentally friendly, sustainable products and ideas. Their vision is to create a world where we all live healthy and work together to care for mother earth.
I went through the exhibit hall and met with many different companies and sampled a variety of plant based foods and drinks. One company that stood out to me was JuiceRX. Anything related to juice / juicing I always check out.

Enters JuiceRX – Juice Cleanse Company

Juice Cleanse

JuiceRX Juices

Who is JuiceRX?

JuiceRx Cleanse is a local juice cleanse company located in Chicago, Illinois. They provide fresh pressed 100% organic juices throughout the Chicagoland area (Nationwide available, US Only!). This was my first time hearing about JuiceRX, so I wanted to learn more about them and the purpose for creating this company. I chatted with Dean Kasal, founder, for about 20 minutes. I could definitely see the passion Dean had for juicing and his enthusiasm for helping others achieve optimal health. Dean shared with me his story on how he got started with juicing. After years of working a high stressed job in corporate America along with a diet that consisted of high processed foods, Dean was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (an autoimmune disease that affects the gastrointestinal system).  Doctors told him that there was no cause or cure for the disease and that he would have to spend the rest of his life taking pills.  After a year of taking the prescription pills, he was then told that he was developing serious liver damage. I’ve heard  multiple stories about doctors of Western medicine giving you a pill for one thing, and then you end up developing something else which requires another pill, and the cycle continues. Not wanting to be caught in this prescription pill cycle, Dean decided to give juicing a try. Dean no longer has the diseaseJuiceRx was created to help others live healthy vibrant lives via juice cleansing.

What’s in the JuiceRX Cleanse?

There are 3 cleanse packs available to choose from as well as a U-Pick pack:

Regular Cleanse: Beginner and experienced cleanser friendly

Green Cleanse: Step up your greens with this cleanse, contains 25% less sugar than the Regular Cleanse. Also great for people with sugar issues including diabetes, hypoglycemia & candida.

Extreme Green Cleanse: Super hardcore cleanse, minimal sugar, for those seeking some serious deep cleaning.

They offer 1, 3, 5 & 6 day juice cleanse packs. The prices are all the same for each cleanse pack you select. Check the site for detail on pricing.

Where can I get JuiceRX?

Presently they only deliver to the Chicagoland area. When we last spoke, I was told that they will be shipping Nationwide soon. I don’t know the date, but I’ll update this post once I know. UPDATE: Shipping Available US Only.


How’s the taste?

As a disclaimer, I received a complementary 6 pack of juices from JuiceRX, but was not paid to write this review, everything written is 100% pure honesty.


Juice Cleanse


The 6 juices I received are:

  1. Cucumber Mint Electrolyte Boost – Cucumber, Green Apple, Celery, Lime & Mint. Very light and refreshing with a hint of sweetness.
  2. Pineapple Jalapeno – Pineapple & Jalapeno. Loved this one.
  3. Gingerade – Purified Water, Lemon, Ginger, Vermont Maple, Syrup & Stevia. Gingerade was perfect, I can see myself drinking this everyday. An ever great alternative to lemonade.
  4. Lunchtime Detox – Cucumber, Green Apple, Beet & Ginger. The Lunchtime Detox has a slight earthy taste, which comes from the beets.  I don’t mind at all, but if you’re new to juicing the taste maybe so so to you. It’s balanced with the cucumber and green apple, so it’s not overpowering.
  5. Kiwi Berry Cooler – Orange, Strawberry, Kiwi & Lemongrass. I expected to be sugar sweet and it was not. It was just right, tasted very tropical.
  6. Horchata – Filtered Water, Raw Cashews, Saigon Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Dates, Stevia & Sea Salt. So Good!

I really liked all of them. They were very smooth, clean & tasty. The top 2 that stood out were Pineapple Jalapeno and Horchata. I’ve never thought to juice jalapeno with pineapple. The combination took me by surprise, just the right amount of heat and sweet. I found myself wanting more. The Horchata was unbelievable, personally I think its better than the traditional version.

Why JuiceRX?

What I believe stands out from JuiceRX from other juice cleansing companies is their trueness to juicing. They use the best juicer on the market, The Norwalk juicer. All of their juices are 100% organic, cold pressed and raw. There’s no pasteurization or HPP (high pressure pascalization), no additives, no fillers, just pure living juice.

“Each and every juice in our cleanse has been specially formulated to target specific organs in your body with the intention of detoxifying that particular organ and bringing it back to healthy, balanced and blissful state.  Each day of our cleanse includes a comprehensive array of six unique juices (which in combination target all of your major organs (and then some)” – JuiceRX

Each bottle of juices comes packed with approximately 3 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables, most juice companies do 2 pounds. They offer 23 juice and nut milk varieties to supplement in your cleanse. From fruity to pure green juices. The combination and flavors are out of this world.

My Final Thoughts

JuiceRx gets 2 thumbs up. Anyone trying to help create a healthy world is good in my book. Plus their juices are delicious and they don’t skip on the ingredients.  Would I do a juice cleanse with them? Absolutely.



  • 100% Organic Cold pressed Juice
  • Vegan & Gluten Free
  • Free Delivery to your door with any cleanse pack, Nationwide available US only.
  • Bottles are 100% BPA Free
  • 100% Raw & living, No pasteurization or HPP
  • Tasty juices with 23 different options available
  • 3 lbs. of fresh organic fruits & vegetables per 16oz bottle



  • Cost: The price for individual juices range from $10-$12.  Considering the amount of organic produce you get in a bottle, I think the price is fair.



Have you tried JuiceRx Cleanse before? Have you tried any other juice cleanse company, what was your experience?


Connect with JuiceRX

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/juicerx

Website: www.drinkjuicerx.com Get $10 off your first order. Use code: GJAD10 at checkout.



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