Martha Stewart Drinks A Green Juice A Day

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Martha Stewart Drinks A Green Juice A Day


There are two things I love about Martha Stewart, one she grows her own vegetables and two she drink fresh green juice every day.  New York Magazine posted an article on what Martha Stewart ate for the week. Each day offered some form of animal protein with fresh local produce. One thing that remained the same was a daily green juice every morning.Martha Stewart's Garden


            “I always start the day with my green juice.”

            “Every morning I drink a green juice made from fresh spinach, parsley, pear, ginger, orange, and cucumber from my  farm.”

                                              -Martha Stewart


My Morning Green Juice

-Celery or Cucumber

-Dandelion Greens or Kale

-Swiss Chard

-Cilantro or Parsley





*All organic ingredients, some local and homegrown. Green Juice ingredients varies daily.

Green Juice Tip: Always rotate your greens, never stick to one type of leafy green. Each leafy green provides a different spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Variety is key

So do you start your morning with a green juice? What do you currently including in your green juice? If you don’t start your morning with green juice, share what you are currently doing.

Always remember a green juice a day, will keep the doctor away.

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