Why Drink Green Juice?

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Why Drink Green Juice?

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From what I know green juice started back with Ann Wigmore and Dr. Max Gerson, I’m not sure who brought it to the world first, but both used green juices and wheatgrass to heal themselves. Ann Wigmore healed herself from cancer more than 50 years ago. Her health center Hippocrates Health Institute has helped heal many people from chronic diseases and cancer by incorporating green juices, wheatgrass and raw foods. The Gerson Therapy has done the same as well with cancer patients and people suffering from disease.

Green juice benefits are numerous. Green juices are very alkalizing, cleansing, healing, hydrating and restorative. Disease, inflammation, pain and cancer all thrive in an acidic environment.  You can rebuild muscle and damage cells through green juicing. Green juice offer a large cross-section of different nutrients from a variety of different greens and sprouts. Green juice supply the body with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has many benefits to the body; neutralizes toxins in the body, helps purify the liver, improve blood sugar problems, regulates digestion, helps rebuild tissues, antibacterial and much more. A 32 oz glass of fresh green juice may supply much of the protein an average adult needs each day. Believe it or not, leafy greens are 30% protein. Green vegetable juice won’t spike your blood sugar and insulin level like fruits and sweet vegetables like carrots and red beets will. Its best to combine those in your green juices instead of drinking alone.

“Drinking just one freshly pressed juice each day is a reliable way of infusing your body with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that can protect your cells against premature aging and disease.” – Dr. Ben Kim

This is why I am recommend a green juice a day. Health is wealth, all it takes is one glass of green juice. Do the best you can, start slow and enjoy the benefits. Find more recipes here.

I’m on a mission to get everyone drinking a glass of fresh green juice each day. Like this page and share with your friends.

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-Green Juice Goddess 🙂

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  3. Thank You for Green Juice it is doing wonders for me.

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